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  1. Lakesha napisał(a):

    Full of salient points. Don’t stop beeliving or writing!

  2. http://www./ napisał(a):

    Quisiera saber cuanto tiempo tarda la AFIP por F.931 en pasar los aportes a las “Obras Sociales” y “Prepagas”. Puesto que mi empleador no pagó algunos meses y no se cuanto me va a venir en la Factura de diferencia

  3. she has a jack terrier n it’s a very clever but temperamental dog. it bit her once (she’s had her since little, 9 yrs ago) n always growl at her if she goes near when she’s eating. i’d have thrown her on the barbie.pp: ha, the way u put it i almost thought u mean another baby..!yes, dondon is GOOD. i’ll see u in melb in march? am thinking of going back with yi in feb n staying for a while, ie if she gets a place with ming.nee: guaranteed to detox n trim down the waistline.


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